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Loaf - Reimagining the furniture category norms

Recognizing the significance of downtime and the innate human desire to relax, Loaf embraces the concept of "loafing." By crafting the softest, most comfortable sofas imaginable, we enable people to "loaf" at an extraordinary level. This philosophy forms the foundation of our captivating LOAF LIKE YOU MEAN IT campaign.

Sep 6, 2022

Our Approach

To significantly enhance awareness and generate greater interest, we embarked on a mission to infuse Loaf's advertising with more entertainment value, establishing emotional connections while simultaneously stepping away from traditional sofa and furniture categorizations.

We also aimed to retain the essence of what makes Loaf special, remaining faithful to the brand's identity. Embracing their distinctive personality, visual style, and the concept of "embracing slow," we amplified these elements to new heights.

By identifying a formidable adversary (in the form of "fast fashion"), we established a creative force to push against, resulting in a fresh positioning that captures attention, elicits strong reactions, and demands recognition. Our overarching brand concept and creative springboard revolved around "celebrating the significance and art of loafing."

The Campaign

Consumers inherently recognize the value of leisure time and the innate human desire to unwind. With a focus on creating the most indulgent and comfortable sofas imaginable, Loaf empowers individuals to elevate their "loafing" experience to an extraordinary level.

This inspired the inception of our impactful LOAF LIKE YOU MEAN IT campaign. By redefining "loafing" as an aspirational and noble pursuit, we transformed it into a competitive activity. Our television commercial showcased individuals competing against each other in a high-spirited display of loafing, complete with accompanying sports-style commentary.

In addition to the TV spot, the campaign encompassed various channels, including out-of-home (OOH) advertising, press placements, digital initiatives, social media engagement, and direct mail campaigns.

As isobel Productions, we proudly handled the entire creative process in-house, from directing and producing the TV commercials to collaborating closely with Loaf's internal studio team. Together, we brought the campaign to life across multiple touchpoints, including mailers, website enhancements, and captivating in-store experiences.

The Results

The campaign achieved phenomenal success, surpassing our expectations. Our initial target was to elevate spontaneous awareness from 38% to 42%, but within just two months, we exceeded that goal by reaching an impressive 50%. The campaign also played a pivotal role in fostering a deep sense of "brand love," which surged from 49% to an outstanding 64%. Furthermore, our efforts propelled Loaf's status as the preferred brand, as evidenced by a remarkable increase in "first choice brand preference" from a mere 4% to an impressive 15%.Despite the challenging retail landscape, our collaboration with Loaf enabled them to surpass their annual sales targets, further solidifying their market position and success.

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